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National Partners

AFA American Family Association
CMDA Christian Medical and Dental Association
CVE Covenant Eyes
HSLDA Home School Legal Defense Association
VFM Vision Forum Ministries

State Partners

AEA Arkansas Education Alliance
AFHE Arizona Families for Home Education
CAPE Christian Association of Parent Educators
CHAP Christian Homeschool Association of Pennsylvania
CHEA Christian Home Educators Associatino of California
CHEC Christian Home Educators of Colorado
CHECK Christian Home Educators Confederation of Kansas
CHEF Christian Home Education Fellowship
CHEFL Christian Home Educators Fellowship of Louisiana
CHEK Christian Home Educators of Kentucky
CHEN Christian Home Educators Network
CHENH Christian Home Educators of New Hampshire
CHEO Christian Home Educators of Ohio
CHEWV Christian Home Educators of West Virginia
CHHEW Christian Heritage Home Educators of Wilmington
CHOIS Idaho Home School
ENOCH Education Network of Christian Homeschoolers
FEAST Family Educators Alliance of South Texas
FPEA Florida Parent Educators Association
GHEA Georgia Home Educators Association
HEAV Home Educators Association of Virginia
HHA Hawaii Homeschool Association
HOME Home Schoolers of Maine
ICHE Illinois Christian Home Educators
ICHEID Idaho Coalition of Home Educators
INCH Home Schooling Support for Michigan
LEAH New York State Loving Education at Home
MACHE Minnesota Association of Christian Home Educators
MASSHOPE Massachusetts Homeschool Org of Parent Educators
MCHE Montana Coalition of Home Educators
NCHE North Carolinians for Home Education
NCHEA Nebraska Christian Home Educators Association
NTHEN North Texas Home Educators Network
OCHEC Oklahoma Central Home Educators Consociation
T2W T2W Approved
THSC Texas Home School Coalition
UTCH Utah Christian Home School Association
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