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Cornerstone Payment Systems offers the lowest credit card processing rates

Not all credit card processors are created equal! Most credit card processors offer their services to business types which are morally objectionable. Your business may actually be contributing to your processor's or bank's ability to do this. At Cornerstone Payment Systems, we will not process credit cards for businesses that are adult-oriented, or businesses that offer products or services which are opposed to God's word. Specifically, we will not process for doctors or organizations that support the abortion industry. Cornerstone and its founders and employees are 100% Pro-Life and Pro-Family (as God has defined a family). In addition, because of the number of transactions we process, Cornerstone is uniquely positioned to offer your business a guaranteed savings on your credit card processing.

Call today for a free rate analysis — 877.760.6425 — or complete the following information and a representative will contact you within 24 hours. If Cornerstone is unable to offer you a lower rate, then your T2W account will be free and we will pay you $250.00!

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