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How do I join?

Joining is easy. There are three different ways to join T2W:
1) Buy a store in T2W that's fully ecommerce-enabled, giving you a platform to list up to 100,000 unique products.
2) Buy a Non-Ecommerce, or "Services", template to describe your services, contact information, and company information.
3) Add your existing website to the directory listing.
Start Here. You must be a member in good standing of one of our affiliate organizations to participate in the Marketplace.

How can my organization join?

Enrolling an organization is as easy as one phone call. The benefits for an organization are enormous, providing a unique offering to members and building a recurring revenue stream for the organization with a share of the monthly revenue. Call us now at (877) 760-6425.

How do I set up my store?

Once you have purchased a store front, here, you will receive an email with the store administration address. You will be able to access the admin area using the username and password you entered in the purchase process. Once you log into the admin area of your site you will be able to add the detail information to the About page, Services page, Contact page, as well as the store name, address and phone number. You will be able to upload your personal logo as well as add categories and products to your store. If you already have your store you can log into your admin area here.

Do I need to have a separate merchant account?

Our partnership with Cornerstone Payment Systems gives us the ability to offer one merchant account for all your commerce needs. If you have a brick and mortar store, just an online presence, or any combination of the two, we can provide one merchant account to accommodate all your needs.

Do I have to open a PayPal account when I open a T2W Biz in order for the shopping cart to work?

No. In fact, we do not support PayPal's (or their parent company Ebay's) stance on life. What other options do you have? How does an e-commerce business survive without PayPal's services? The solution is simple. Our partnership with Cornerstone Payment Systems allows you to benefit from the lowest rates in the industry. What's more, Cornerstone Payment Systems is a 100% Pro-life company, so your business will not go towards supporting any questionable organizations. Check out their T2W Page (here) for more information.

How can I keep track of orders in my store?

Once you log into your store administration, here, you can select the "Orders" option on the navigation menu to review all the orders customers have placed at your store.

Can I change the name of my store?

Yes, call or email us.

Is there a way to track my inventory?

Adding new products to your storefront (see Add Products) gives you the opportunity to enter an available quantity of every item. A customer order of the item reduces its quantity by the amount ordered. When the available quantity reaches zero, no more items can be added to a customers' shopping cart until you re-enter a new available quantity.

When are my items added to the Shop Now search engine?

Immediately! As soon as you add new items into your store they appear in the search engine. If your store has not been enabled with a merchant ID, the products will not appear until a merchant id is assigned to your store. If you have waited over 48 hours for the setup of your merchant id, gives us a call and we will help finalize the setup of your account. Call us at (877) 760-6425.

I don't see my shop in the Shop Now results.

Your store will appear in the Shop Now results as soon as you have created categories and placed products for sale under the categories in your shop.

I don't see an item in my shop slide show.

The home page slide show is automatically created from the products in your shop. There are two qualifications for items to be included in the slide show. First, they must have the Featured flag checked. Secondly, they must currently be in stock as indicated by the quantity you have on hand.

Can I improve the search results in Shop Now?

The results given in Shop Now come from your category and product names. The best way to produce search matches is by giving your products very descriptive names. For example; if one of your products is a pair of slippers, instead of naming the product "Slippers", use a descriptive name such as "Soft Cotton Pink Slippers". In the first instance your store will appear in the search results only if a shopper types the word "slippers". In the second instance, your store will appear in the search results if a shopper types any of these words or phrases: "slippers", "pink slippers", "soft", "cotton", "soft cotton", "pink slippers", or "soft cotton pink slippers".

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