Your Christian marketplace


Would your Organization Like to Join the T2W Christian Marketplace?


We'd love to hear from you.

Direct Benefits for Your Organization:

  • Provides a strong membership value for your organization
  • Delivers recurring monthly revenue for your organization
  • Helps build membership retention
  • Separates your organization from the competition
  • Creates visibility and awareness of your organization to acquire new members

Benefits for Your Members:

  • Your members can create their own online business. T2W offers an e-commerce plan that provides everything needed to start their business, all for under $15.00 per month.
  • Your members can support the Christian community and your organization in a safe and secure environment. Your Christian organization will receive a marketplace customized for your group where your members can set up their own businesses, shop in your organization's marketplace and also shop the national mall.

How to Add Your Organization to the T2W Marketplace:

  • All organizations seeking to participate in the Talents2Work program must complete an application which will include a statement of faith and explain the Talents2Work code of ethics.